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Valoramous produces Big Room, Rave-Rock, and Country-Dance music in the general category of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and spins/mixes music as an open-format (Top 40, EDM, Hip Hop, Latin) disc jockey (DJ). Known as “The James Bond of Producers” (Source: https://, Valoramous serves both public and private audiences in need of an uplifting atmosphere. As a veteran-turned-DJ/Producer, Valoramous developed a strong interest for EDM while living abroad and traveling across dozens of countries on the continents of Europe and Asia between 2008 and 2016 (Source: https:// Unaccustomed to the unique, international, electronic sound and style as compared to his native Texas (USA), Valoramous discovered a distinct style of music that would shape his future. After moving to New York City (NYC) in 2017,


Valoramous ignited his career as a DJ and EDM producer in an effort to fuse energy, euphoria, and dance music. With the assistance of both a British DJ/ Producer and Manhattan/Brooklyn resident club DJ/ Producer, Valoramous conducted numerous private DJ and record producer lessons and enrolled in several music production schools in order to improve his craft as a Big Room, Rave-Rock, and Country-Dance producer and openformat (multi-genre) DJ. After the release of the seven-track EDM/Pop/Metal Amnesia (Remixes EP) through PurZynth Rekords in April 2022, and performance of numerous public and private DJ events (including the 2019 U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Quantico, Virginia and bar/club DJ gigs in the USA and Europe), Valoramous developed a loyal following. His best tracks are the reflective Synth-Pop track, Amnesia, the euphoric, nostalgic Country-Dance song and collaboration single, Coming Home (Source:, and the energetic Big Room festival anthem, Blow Up The Room (Source: https:// Valoramous’ music career has taken him to NYC, Washington, D.C., and Europe, where he desires to bring energetic DJ sets to fans that enjoy oscillating moments of high-octane euphoria and blissful nostalgia. In late 2022 and 2023, Valoramous & The Wav Audio Production Studio (A.P.S.) will pioneer a new sub-genre: Rave-Rock. Their first Rave-Rock single, Multiply, will release through Glitchworld Recordings in October 2022.

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