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Dj Starfish

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Valentin Bapst born in Arras on July 29, 1997 began his musical career on the guitar when he was only 10 years old. Later, at the age of 14, he joined his brother's group as
that bassist. This group composed of a singer, a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer goes up very quickly on stage to discover the public of Lille, Paris, Rouen, Arras, Brussels and other small towns in France their compositions.
At 15 Valentin meets the former drummer group known by "Xfactor". Following the advice of this one he decides to start learning the "Cajon" to be able to play in acoustics so that this drummer follows him in his solo career.
In 2014, during the main square festival, he attended the "Skrillex" concert. Passionate about this "electronic" musical style, this young artist buys his first "Pioneer-SB" controller and embarks on a DJ career. Beginning with the mix, he quickly starts to produce and releases his first title "One" and as "Starfish" that he will put in free access 
on the networks. Come soon his first live at "Multigame" Dainville following which he meets the singer
who invites him to do the first part of his concert in Bethune.
The years, the mix passes and at 18 "Starfish" becomes Dj resident in a nightclub "the Antique" as well as in a radio "Planet FM 105.8" where the representations are frequent such as the festivals of the music of Arras. Some musical events on Lille, in the  bars of Arras


 and nightclubs like the "SET famous club" made it known and it then participates in the Gay Pride 2018 Arras on the tanks. In 2019, Starfish meets a labeled DJ who gives him the benefit of his knowledge so that he can improve his skills in the production of titles. And continue the nightclubs like "The Reserve" and the "Kes West" and other event like the "Main Square Off" on the Heroes' Squar

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