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Frank is Frank and, people say, Frank can’t be anything but... Frank. What people?... Pundits, WAGS, confidants and the sort. Franks style of House music varies widely from tech to 2-step. Borrowing from many genres of EDM and traditional sound palettes. Frank was probably hardwired with a rhythm sense. Seemingly knowing good music from the get-go. Dabbling in radio and mix tapes Frank discovered others agreed with the musical selections of Frank. Eventually leading Frank to discover the raw uplifting power of bass in loudspeaker culture very much like the travelling dub systems in Jamaca which relied mostly on massive subs. Copy and paste the Jamaican influence on the emerging late 80’s rave scene and we have today the legacy of beat culture. Frank took to House like a Frank-duck to water. Franks electronic influences start with ELP, Gary Neumann, A Flock of Seagulls. Evolved with The Utah Saints, Fluke, The Chemical Bros., Underworld and Coldcut. Modern influences litter a list from BeatPorts top 100 tech producers. Too many to name since so much good House is being released today. Franks sounds travel from dark to light with the foundation being a solid bassline. Supported by groovy drums and textures that create a space, experienced fully only on the dance floor.


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