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Hello, my name is Meowjitsu!  I was born in Kyoto/Japan. 🇯🇵 I was a student in Ninja academy , because my father wanted me to be a Ninja, same as him and his father. Our family are professional assassins in 7 generations. 

But I didn't wanna be assassin, I loved music and always wanted to be a DJ , not Ninja. I had started practicing music production on youtube at nights, and it contributed on bad grades on my "Shuriken Toss" and "Hiding Techniques" classes. My father was angry, but something deep inside told me to keep practicing on music.

I released my first, 'Lower than floor' on all media platforms a year ago. It sounds so BAD, but I didn't delete it, because it memorizes me about my growth day after day.

I left academy and my family to become a great DJ and Producer to prove, that EVERYONE CAN BE WHOEVER HE WANTS TO BE. You just need to WORK HARD and BE HUMBLE, this is MY PHILOSOPHY. I hope all people around the world will support me by listening my music and following my progress. I will release my new music very soon and I want you to listen to it, and if you like it - share with your friends.


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