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XING KONG is known as the pioneer of China dubstep domain. He established hisown forum back to 2007 and started to accumulate managing experiences, whichlaid the foundation of being the manager of Chinese No.1 dubstep forum BaiduDubstep Tieba in 2013, and he is still the manager till today.He has gained huge influences to China electronic music domain. He used to usealiases like S-dancer, DipperX and so on, but mostly known as XING KONG.No matter as the producer, as the DJ or even as a dubstep theory researcher, hehas made important contributions to Chinese electronic music development. Setup dubstep realm from 2012, he is one of the first Chinese dubstep world`spioneer, and the only producer who has been active from China`s scratch time.He has a unique style of live performance and music production. He always makesthe audience went crazy. The arrangement of his set meets the needs of the pitbut never be conventional.XING KONG can be regard as the first dubstep artist that being famous, histracks are known as has the international high level, which is rare in China.He is exploring the boundaries of sound design, song arrangement, andconnotation.XING KONG is also known as the China Briddim Representative, he can fuse manyelements like epic music, flamenco, classical, psy-trance, trap into heavydubstep, too.Till today, XING KONG has gained total over 50K followers in NetEaseCloudMusic,Zhihu, Tieba and so on, and it’s keeps growing faster. His tracks have beenpublished from many music lables, being shared by music channels. He also has amaster's degree, which makes him even rare among Chinese producers and DJs.Till October 24th,2019, XING KONG has gained total over 50K followers inNetEaseCloudMusic, Zhihu, Tieba and so on, and its growing faster and faster.Till October 24th,2019, XING KONG's tracks have been played 8,653,896 timesonly in NetEaseCloudMusic, and in all platforms it has been over ten milliontimes.Till October 24th,2019, XING KONG`s articles of dubstep theory have been read192,159 times only in Zhihu, and in all platforms it has been over a milliontimes.In November,2019, XING KONG won the Remix Champion held by Asia 404, the songZeds Dead x Snails ft. Akylla - Magnets (XING KONG Remix) got highlyrecommendation by Snails, then it got global offering.


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